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Join the Daily Pasture Mooove!

I often get questions or funny looks when I tell people I move my cattle every day to new grass.  We put together this video to show you how easy it actually is and how it works.  They actually were a bit difficult this time!  But mostly that was because they were very satisfied and …

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The Grassland ecosystem, what it’s all about…

This is a very powerful TED talk by Allan Savory, in which he explains how Holistic Management and high density planned grazing is reversing desertification and quite possibly saving the planet.        

Shorthorn Cattle

  The Shorthorn breed of cattle originated in the North East of England in the late 18th century. The breed was developed as dual purpose, suitable for both dairy and beef production; however there were always certain blood lines within the breed which emphasized one quality or the other. Over time these different lines diverged and by the …

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