Price List

Price List  (Spring 2023)

Our grass-fed beef was conceived, born, and raised on our family farms and fed 100% forage – no grain EVER! No antibiotics or hormones, just great tasting beef!  All our grass-fed beef is dry aged for 14 days, cut, wrapped, and flash frozen in small family operated, government-inspected facilities.  Our standard cut removes almost all bones, so there is little waste on your plate.

30lb Grass-fed Beef Package ($450):

1 pkg contains 30lbs of frozen meat and will take up approximately 1 cubic foot of freezer space.

Each package contains* (all weights are approx +/-):

~7-8 lbs of steaks including (~1 1/4″ thick):

1 pkg Tenderloin (2 pcs) & 1 pkg Striploin (2 pcs)
1 pkg Rib eye (2 pcs)
1 pkg Sirloin
1 pkg Blade steak (Flat Iron)
1 pkg Round steak (fairly lean, good to cut up for stir fry, marinade, or cut up for stew beef)

2 x ~3lb roasts (either a Blade or Shoulder/Short rib roast AND a Sirloin or Round roast)**
14-15 x 1lb pkg ground beef
2 x 1lb pkg stew beef

* We reserve the right to substitute items of equal or greater value in the rare event of shortages.
** One roast can be substituted for more ground beef. Please let us know your preference.

Grass-fed Ground Beef:

Our delicious dry-aged ground beef is available on its own in 1lb pkgs – very versatile and tasty:

10 x 1lb pkg ground beef @ $11.00 per pound
20 x 1lb pkg ground beef @ $10.50 per pound

Hamburger Patties 4 pkgs (32 x 1/4 lb patties)  @ $105

Honey Garlic 100% beef sausages 4 per pkg @ $12

We weigh your order to ensure you get full weight as individual package sizes do vary (+/- 1lb).

Grass-fed Bulk Orders – Mixed 1/4’s & Whole Sides:

Get the best value by ordering in bulk.  We sell mixed quarters (equal mix of front and hind quarters) and whole sides. Cutting, wrapping and flash freezing is included in prices below based on our standard cut.  Additional charges for patties, sausages, and other extras.  Some cutting customization is possible with quarters and full customization possible with whole sides.  Prices are based on hanging weights; there are losses based on aging shrink, trim, and deboning.  Final weight of actual meat will be ~25-35% less than hanging weight (depends on cutting instructions).

Mixed Quarter (~120 – 170 lbs hanging weight) ~3-4 cubic feet @ $9.50 per pound hanging (~$1140-1615) [Avg ~$13.50 per pound actual & 10% discount vs 30lb box]
Whole Side (~240 – 340 lbs hanging weight) ~6-8 cubic feet @ $9.00 per pound hanging (~$2160-3060) [Avg ~$12.85 per pound actual & 15% discount vs 30lb box]

Heart, tongue, liver and soup bones are available with your quarter/side, also available separately.  Please let us know your preference.

Grass-fed Soup Bones & Organs:

Soup bones – make your very own super tasty broth from scratch – $4.50 per pound (each pkg ~2-3 lbs)
Liver – nutrient dense, nature’s multivitamin – $6.00 per pound (each pkg ~2lbs)
Heart & Tongue – $5.00 per pound