Join the Daily Pasture Mooove!

By admin

I often get questions or funny looks when I tell people I move my cattle every day to new grass.  We put together this video to show you how easy it actually is and how it works.  They actually were a bit difficult this time!  But mostly that was because they were very satisfied and relatively full from the previous day’s grazing.  You can still see plenty of grass in the strip they are in, but compare that to where they are going!  We like to leave a good amount of residue behind, grass that is still several inches tall that has had it’s top bitten off along with taller stemmy grass that has been trampled to the ground.  This enables the pasture to recover and regrow much faster as its solar collectors are not completely wiped out.  The trampled grass will break down providing food for earth worms and soil microbes, building organic matter so the soil will hold more water and nutrients and grow more grass next time – sustainable!

The strip is about 45 feet wide and runs 850 feet over the hill (almost an acre), it will keep the ~40 cow/calves/yearlings happy for just one day.  It will then be allowed to rest, recover and regrow for approx 45+ days before it is grazed again.