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2016 in Review

  2016 was a year of expansion!  Between building 25 acres of new perimeter fence on a new pasture lease and growing the herd, we’ve let our online footprint fade.  To counteract this, we wanted to take advantage of this quiet Family Day Monday to thank those who support our commitment to producing 100% grass-fed …

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2015 in Review

2015 was a great year at Banbury Grasslands, and we thought we’d share some highlights It’s ‘almost’ hard to remember given our green Christmas and relatively mild winter weather that last January and February were so bitterly cold! The cattle spent most of their time outside bale grazing and generally only went indoors during the worst …

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Dung Beetles & the Perfect Manure Patty at Banbury Grasslands

The video shows dung beetles working on a fresh manure patty.  The patty is pretty close to perfect, the right consistency that stacks up just a bit with a tell-tale divot in the middle.  This tells us that the cattle are getting a good balanced diet and are gaining weight.  If the patty was too …

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The cows are here!

We’re very happy that the cows are back at Banbury Grasslands this spring (2013). Two weeks ago, 22 shorthorn yearlings (some grass-fed steers and some replacement females) we raised at my parents farm arrived and settled into their new home. Needless to say it has been very busy here for the last little while!

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